Micro-Influencers : More Potential Than You Think

Influencer marketing has been dominating the social media world for a while now. It’s only in the past few years that the brands, influencers, and the customers have accustomed to this newly found marketing vertical. Before that, it was extremely overwhelming as it was such a novel concept. It was almost unacceptable to some people that being an influencer can even be a full-time career option. Although we have acquired a stable platform and have gotten familiar with the norms of influencer marketing, it still remains overwhelming because there’s a new addition to it every once in a while.

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Brands have figured out their ways around influencer marketing and different types of influencers. But they still struggle with deciding which influencer to work with. Generally, the case is the more the number of followers an influencer has, the better it is for the brand. However, with the changing environment, some statistics say that micro-influencers, who have followers between 10,000 to 1,00,00 are also able to generate generous amount of engagement too. Let’s look at it objectively as to how micro-influencers can be a key to success for your business irrespective of its size.

  1. They were not always ‘celebrities’

Micro-influencers are at a stage where are getting recognized more and more each day. They have just had the taste of fame and have discovered their audience who loves them and supports them. Before that, they were one amongst the normal people who were just having fun with posting their pictures on Instagram. They were enjoying their college life or preparing for further studies or are doing a regular 9 to 5 job. Influencers can choose to do both at the same time. However, some prefer to be a full-time influencer which has now gotten to the position of a micro-influencer. They are people persona and hence, the trust factor is stronger here which works out well for brands.

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2. They are economical

Every brand has a certain budget to keep a check on and marketing can cost a lot of money. But with influencer marketing, since there are a variety of influencers, one can easily generate great engagement with micro-influencers. They are very affordable which also gives the brand a chance to collaborate with a bunch of them. With micro-influencers, you have the opportunity to tap on a dynamic audience as they have their unique bunch of audience with differ from the other.

3. They are experts of their niche

The end goal of every marketing is to get conversions and generate more sales. When you use influencer marketing, the chances of conversion become higher. Especially with micro-influencers because they stick to their niche and the audience they have like them for the content they provide. However, for most brands this is the struggle. They have a hard time finding micro-influencers that belong to their niche. But with influencer marketing platform it is a piece of cake. These platforms have a huge database of their influencers that provides you information about their niche, previous work, communication, and every background that will help you to get the influencer on board.

When you are looking for influencers the numbers are important criteria to look at. But don’t go looking for the wrong numbers. What you need to know is that they have a high engagement. Working with micro-influencers assures you a good engagement which can be scaled over likes, followers, comments, website traffic, shares, conversions, and any other metrics that you aim at. You can make a great team with your influencers and impact your consumer’s buying behavior in the most seamless way. Depending on your brand and niche, you can choose to experiment with different kinds of influencers. Time and the changing market trends will tell you which one can be a success for you.

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