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New Features Help Keep it Professional

To find opportunity, get inspired or build relationships on LinkedIn, you need to trust your community. Today, we’re sharing four new tools to help you get the most out of your experience, with an eye on safety. Take a look at what’s new and how you’ll see them around the fresh look of LinkedIn.

Know what action we took when you report content

We know it’s helpful to understand what happens after content is reported. Today, all members in the U.S., France and Canada who report content or have content they share removed will get a notification with more information. And we’re rolling it out to more countries in the coming weeks, and to all our members globally by the end of the year. We won’t always get it right; when we don’t, we’ll do a second review, take responsibility for our mistake and reinstate content. Here’s what this looks like if you report content or if your content is removed:

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