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This Is the Most Out-Of-Shape City in the U.S.


We all want to be as physically fit and healthy as possible. But, according to research, our ability to do so is often dependent on where we live. That's why, each year, the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) releases The Fitness Index, a ranking of America's 100 largest cities based on a composite score of health behaviors, health outcomes, community infrastructure, and local policies that support a physically active lifestyle. They they calculate each city's score on two levels—personal health, and community and environment—before determining a final ranking.

According to the ASCM: "Cities with the highest scores are considered to have strong community fitness, a concept analogous to individuals having strong personal fitness. Cities that rank near the top of the Fitness Index have more strengths and resources that support healthy living and fewer challenges that hinder it. The opposite is true for cities near the bottom of the rankings."

In 2020, the ACSM named Arlington, Virginia the fittest city in the United States. What major metropolis landed on the opposite end of the spectrum? Here are the 50 most out-of-shape cities in America, counting down from bad to worst. And for the places you may not be quite as safe as you'd like to be, check out This Is the Most Dangerous State in the U.S.

cincinnati ohio skyline

Personal Health Rank: 74

Community and Environment Rank: 22

And for the places in the U.S. to mind your surroundings, check out The 100 Most Dangerous Cities in America.


Personal Health Rank: 83

Community and Environment Rank: 8

baltimore skyline

Personal Health Rank: 78

Community and Environment Rank: 15

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Glendale, happiest cities, fittest cities, healthiest cities, worst singles scenes, best sports fans

Personal Health Rank: 48

Community and Environment Rank: 54

reno nevada

Personal Health Rank: 39

Community and Environment Rank: 66

And for more on how your state stacks up in terms of residents' well-being, check out Every U.S. State Ranked From Healthiest to Unhealthiest.

dallas texas skyline

Personal Health Rank: 53

Community and Environment Rank: 50

Cleveland Ohio in the winter

Personal Health Rank: 89

Community and Environment Rank: 13

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Tucson, Arizona, USA downtown skyline with Sentinel Peak at dusk. (Mountaintop "A" for "Arizona")

Personal Health Rank: 68

Community and Environment Rank: 44

riverside california, most common town names

Personal Health Rank: 41

Community and Environment Rank: 80

greensboro north carolina skyline

Personal Health Rank: 50

Community and Environment Rank: 62

Nashville Tennessee TN Drone Skyline Aerial Panorama.

Personal Health Rank: 42

Community and Environment Rank: 81

Hialeah Florida

Personal Health Rank: 69

Community and Environment Rank: 45

Chandler, happiest cities, longest-living cities, fittest cities, healthiest cities, worst singles scenes, best cities to buy a mansion

Personal Health Rank: 43

Community and Environment Rank: 84

scottsdale arizona

Personal Health Rank: 44

Community and Environment Rank: 88

Stockton, happiest cities, worst singles scenes, longest commutes, best job opportunities

Personal Health Rank: 62.5

Community and Environment Rank: 60

Garland Texas aerial view

Personal Health Rank: 51

Community and Environment Rank: 85

skyline of downtown charlotte north carolina

Personal Health Rank: 37

Community and Environment Rank: 97

Mesa, happiest cities, worst singles scenes, rent, property

Personal Health Rank: 45

Community and Environment Rank: 94

Houston Texas

Personal Health Rank: 58

Community and Environment Rank: 78

Winston-Salem, drunkest cities, fattest cities, longest-living cities, house flip

Personal Health Rank: 59

Community and Environment Rank: 79

downtown phoenix arizona

Personal Health Rank: 47

Community and Environment Rank: 95

St. Louis, Missouri, USA downtown skyline from above.

Personal Health Rank: 98

Community and Environment Rank: 9

Irving, happiest cities, worst singles scenes, best cities to buy a mansion, worst drinking water

Personal Health Rank: 65

Community and Environment Rank: 69

columbus ohio

Personal Health Rank: 75

Community and Environment Rank: 51

Chesapeake, happiest cities, longest-living cities, healthiest cities, singles scenes, best cities to buy a mansion

Personal Health Rank: 66

Neighbourhood Creative, a marketing agency for the new era.

Community and Environment Rank: 72

fresno california sleepless cities, worst drinking water

Personal Health Rank: 54

Community and Environment Rank: 90

el paso texas

Personal Health Rank: 71

Community and Environment Rank: 59

Baton Rouge

Personal Health Rank: 90

Community and Environment Rank: 37

kansas city missouri skyline

Personal Health Rank: 88

Community and Environment Rank: 40

Gilbert, happiest cities, fittest cities, longest-living cities, healthiest cities, worst singles scenes, best cities to buy a mansion, longest commutes, commute

Personal Health Rank: 46

Community and Environment Rank: 100

fattest cities, drunkest cities, best singles scenes, sleepless cities

Personal Health Rank: 94

Community and Environment Rank: 38

Aerial view of Jacksonville, Florida, city airports quiz

Personal Health Rank: 84

Community and Environment Rank: 52


Personal Health Rank: 86

Community and Environment Rank: 53

the san antonio riverwalk at night

Personal Health Rank: 73

Community and Environment Rank: 86

drunkest cities corpus christi

Personal Health Rank: 92

Community and Environment Rank: 48.5

Lexington, Kentucky

Personal Health Rank: 76

Community and Environment Rank: 76

henderson nevada, fastest growing cities

Personal Health Rank: 82

Community and Environment Rank: 75

Las Vegas sign on the strip

Personal Health Rank: 81

Community and Environment Rank: 82

Louisville, KY skyline

Personal Health Rank: 80

Community and Environment Rank: 83

fort worth texas skyline

Personal Health Rank: 77

Community and Environment Rank: 93

wichita kansas

Personal Health Rank: 87

Community and Environment Rank: 87

Fort Wayne, Indiana / United States - June 26 2017: Martin Luther King Jr. colorful bridge leading you to the center of town

Personal Health Rank: 93

Community and Environment Rank: 73

movie theater in Arlington Texas closed with sign asking people to wash hands and social distance

Personal Health Rank: 79

Community and Environment Rank: 96

Downtown Indianapolis skyline with the Depew Memorial Fountain, Obelisk, park, and the Indiana World War Memorial in the foreground.

Personal Health Rank: 91

Community and Environment Rank: 92

Detroit Aerial Panorama during sunset

Personal Health Rank: 99

Community and Environment Rank: 56

Memphis Tennessee American Cities Vacation Destinations

Personal Health Rank: 96

Community and Environment Rank: 71

tulsa oklahoma skyline

Personal Health Rank: 97

Community and Environment Rank: 70

North Las Vegas, happiest cities, worst singles scenes

Personal Health Rank: 85

Community and Environment Rank: 98

Bakersfield California street view
Richard Thornton/

Personal Health Rank: 100

Community and Environment Rank: 91


Personal Health Rank: 95

Community and Environment Rank: 99

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