Is Influencer Marketing in Need of a Reset?

Description: In recent years, the impact of influencer marketing has been immense. However, COVID-19 is posing challenges in front of influencer marketing. In this article, we will discuss why influencer marketing is in need of a reset.

Many aspects of digital marketing are under serious scrutiny as of now. Companies are taking a hard look at the outbound marketing framework they spent years building. PPC campaigns across different digital platforms such as Google, Bing, and social media channels are all facing cutbacks. Other paid promotions are also facing immense scrutiny as analysts are studying if each marketing effort is netting a overall positive ROI.

Then there is influencer marketing.

In a time like the one we are currently in, it is difficult to imagine companies, even big brands and conglomerates, spending truck loads of money on influencers. People are right to assume brands are much more sceptical at the moment about investing a lot of money in influencer marketing.

Since the social media game took off more than a decade back, social media influencers have never really faced a crisis of a scale they currently face. In this article, we discuss why this is a time for influencer marketing to hit the reset button.

Bringing the Focus Back to Content

Influencers who gained popularity early on in the social media gold rush and amassed many loyal followers no longer churn out quality content regularly. Part of the reason behind this is that there is no great incentive for a popular influencer to keep creating quality content. After all, with an existing base of loyal followers, the influencer can leverage his/her popularity to serve as a brand ambassador for any company out there.

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The company paying the influencer doesn’t care much either as its aim is solely to reach the influencer’s followers.

As brands become reluctant to spend big on influencers, trouble is beginning to brew. Influencers can no longer rely on their large following alone. They need to create quality content and show their creativity in order to convince brands to keep coming to them for endorsement deals.

Promoting Long Term Thinking

For many years, and especially recently with the arrival of Tik Tok, influencer marketing has become plagued with short term thinking. Many new influencers don’t think about the long term impact of their decisions and actions.

This crisis will force influencers to think about their long term future as a digital media influencer. Many will have to be honest and simply step out of the field if they feel they cannot continue making quality content.

In Conclusion

The COVID-19 inflicted pandemic has caused chaos and tumult across all industries. The influencer marketing field is also getting affected in its wake. In this article, we discussed why influencer marketing is in need of a reset.

About the Author: Ashish Nishesh is a marketing strategist and blogging professional. His interests include marketing trends and strategies. His work is widely acclaimed. Ashish works as a guest lecturer at, a good & perfect digital marketing institute in Delhi.

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