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Introducing LoongList’s Marketing Campaigns

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LoongList Campaign is an influencer marketing platform helping businesses build brand awareness and engage with new customers around the world and sell more.

LoongList influencer marketing platform can be seen as a “Freelancer” or “Crowdfunding” platform which is designing for advertisers and influencers, the only difference compared to other influencer marketing platforms is that all advertisers will be given autonomy that allows creating wonders, your campaigns will matter.

All advertisers can start a campaign for your products, services or brands.

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Your Marketing budget is under your control

Neighbourhood Creative, a marketing agency for the new era.

Your Influencr Marketing budget is the amount you would like to pay for influencers who have been approved to collaborating with your campaign. The Marketing Budget only be changed when any collaboration has been successfully approved at your end, LoongList will hold the payment until the chosen influencers have been delivering your content via their social media, and the collaboration has been marked completed on your campaign dashboard.

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You decide influencers who you want to collaborate, monitor, review, and revise work progress at your influencer marketing collaboration dashboard.

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You can post as many campaigns as you can, your brands, products, and services will create meaningful collaborations with influencers to expand their reach on the LoongList Influencer Marketing Platform.

Propelling Brands Through Experience

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