No two days are the same in the modern world of marketing. There’s no typical 9-to-5 for these busy professionals. The Creative Group surveyed 400 full-time advertising and marketing managers and found the average workweek for a marketing pro is 40-49 hours, and many work weekends.

But productive doesn’t necessarily mean creative at certain times of the day.

Diane Domeyer, executive director, The Creative Group, advises marketing pros to set boundaries to have a healthy work-life balance, avoid multitasking and be mindful of energy vampires like email or social media that decrease productivity.

“To be productive and creative, we need to allow ourselves time to decompress,” Domeyer said. “Make sure your priorities are set according to the most strategic projects versus that which is easiest to get done. … Block time on your calendar to refresh and reenergize–and make it a priority to attend those appointments. A 10-minute walk before lunch or a 5 p.m. yoga class can boost your creative inspiration and motivation when you’re back to work.”

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The survey also found marketing pros are almost equally thankful for competitive pay, growth opportunities, job security and interesting work (18-21%), but also noted balancing work and personal obligations as a great challenge (29%) as well as staying current on trends and technologies (25%).

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