Indian social media claims to tackle coronavirus the natural way

India seems to be coronavirus free even though it is a close neighbor of China.

As the race to find a vaccine for coronavirus remains uncertain; the Indian government said that the answer to this deadly virus could be the ancient homeopathy and Ayurveda remedies.

India claims to have natural remedies for everything from cold and flu to even cancer and diabetes.

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In recent years, the government has launched a drive to promote traditional remedies, which might also be a reason to cash in on the multi-billion dollar global market for holistic medicine than just fighting illnesses.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who believes in yoga and holistic healing, had also stated that he wants the world to make Ayurveda 'a way of life'.

India has already fought three confirmed cases of coronavirus and there are messages, both candid and informative, on social media apps making rounds in India stating treatment to combat the deadly virus using traditional herbs and plants might be the way out.

There is a lot of speculation and eyebrows raised as to why this is so. Various reasons are being put out which are as follows. The Indian gene is Covid-19 resistant. The low level of hygiene has made Indians immune to this virus. The Indian curry might have ingredients that are antiviral. Maybe the high level of chillies in our food helps prevent lung infection caused by C-19.

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The Indian habit of washing their hands and everything else might play a role. Most Indians eat hot food and do not share their food, which prevents spread of infection. The "Namaste" helps, as people don't touch each other. India has a warmer climate that is killing the C-19. Indians are primarily vegetarians and even the non-vegetarians can switch to vegetables. The meat eating has drastically dropped in India after the C-19 scare as per statistics.

In fact WHO and China are really wondering and trying to understand how a country of 1.38 billion can be coronavirus free. God only knows and we all hope it stays this way.

With coronavirus spreading fast around the world; there are myths and beliefs that the virus is spread through eye contact but experts have stated otherwise. In an article a journalist in China debunked panic-spreading WeChat posts which claimed that the coronavirus could jump from one person to another through mere eye contact.

Posts over the social media state that the old traditional ways are the best to combat both bacterial and viral infections. Though, this is just a belief but only time will tell if this is actually true or not.

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