Facebook intros new knowledge panel-like information boxes

Facebook has introduced knowledge panel-like information boxes into its search results for certain queries, SocialMediaToday first reported Tuesday. The information within the boxes are sourced from Wikipedia.

The Facebook search results for “nicolas cage,” on desktop and on the Facebook mobile app. Clicking on “More Info” takes users to the entity’s Facebook page.

Not just for celebrities. As is the case with Google’s knowledge panels, these information boxes may surface for non-human entities. Below are the results for “parks and recreation.”

Clicking on any of the links within the information box takes users to the Facebook search results for those queries.

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Long time no see, Facebook Search. Facebook’s search engine has focused primarily on connecting users with content that lives on its platform (the pages of other users, brand pages, local businesses and so on). However, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has said, “Search for Facebook is going to be a multiyear voyage”; that was back in 2014.

While it’s unclear whether these kinds of features were what he had in mind back then, they may aid Facebook’s current efforts against misinformation by making it easier for users to look up sources without having to leave the platform.

Why we care. By providing information that users typically turn to traditional search engines for, Facebook is able to keep users on its platform when they might otherwise head elsewhere. Brands and other entities also stand to gain more exposure as their information is now available on the world’s largest social media site, even if they don’t have a dedicated Facebook page.

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