Shubham Ghatkar

In today's fast-paced world, a lot of trends come in and go each passing day. Perhaps the space of digital marketing is more than a trend says, digital marketing enthusiast and Indian entrepreneur Shubham Ghatkar. He believes digital marketing has a lot more to offer in the coming decades and plays a significant role in leveraging the Indian economy as well.

Shubham Ghatkar is one such entrepreneur from Aurangabad, who stepped into the business world back then in 2910 and started his entrepreneurship excursion with online earning. He further headed to expand his business in different ventures and presently he is the founder & CEO of Takneek Solutions Private Limited. Over the last few years, digital marketing in India has witnessed an exponential growth which has a massive impact on employment and the number of vacancies for digital marketing jobs will be increasing in the coming years, says budding Indian entrepreneur.

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Over the years of his experience in online earning and precisely in digital marketing he explains that the number of internet users is an asset for the evolution of digital marketing in the world. Furthermore, he adds there are immense opportunities ahead in digital marketing as a career in India. There's no hidden fact that digital marketing is one of the highly demanded skills with plenty of digital marketing job opportunities in India and crosswise. He then states, alongside learning digital marketing one should also possess qualities such as creativity, leadership, communication skills, convincing power, and many more likewise.

He further quotes, today everything has been virtually and digitally and people are accepting this new trait. digital marketing has become a reliable branding and promoting source for the targeted mass audience. Usage of online payment modes is the best models and this projects the acceptance of digital ongoing culture. The best deal about digital marketing is about its zero boundations. Like one can work as a full-time job Or can pick freelance as a career or else can go-ahead to start their own business. digital marketing is the key to hold an in-demand profession. digital marketing skills are in huge demand in the marketplace, says Indian Entrepreneur Shubham Ghatkar.