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A Port-Free iPhone Could Be Closer Than We Think

The iPhone used to two with two ports: a port for the headphone and a port for the charger. Apple eventually removed the headphone jack, and apparently based on a report from 2018, Apple engineers did toy with the idea of creating a port-free iPhone (although this obviously did not come to pass).

However, the future of a port-free iPhone could be closer than we think. This is according to a report from Macworld in which it was discovered that in the iOS 13.4 beta, there have been some references made to a hidden iOS Recovery mode that has been designed to work wirelessly.

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Given that this is hidden, it means that Apple isn’t quite ready for the feature to undergo beta testing just yet, so there is a chance it might not even make the final cut of iOS 13.4. However, it does seem to hint that Apple is toying with the idea of making its devices cord-free. The company introduced wireless charging a couple of years back, and the launch of accessories like the AirPods and AirPods Pro shows how Apple is looking to embrace a wireless future.

Whether or not we will ever see a port-free iPhone remains to be seen, but it could be Apple’s way around the EU’s plan to standardize charging cables.

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