5 Tips for Sharing Videos on Facebook

How to make your Youtube videos AUTOPLAY on Facebook

I am Robert, the DIY Marketing Guy. I give marketing tips & tricks to those in the Network Marketing business to help build some BIG businesses and help everyone be profitable.

We’re going to start getting into some effective strategies to help your video viewers convert to customers.

With these videos I want to provide you with VALUE. I’m not here like most videos you see trying to sell you something. My goal here is to help your network marketing business to grow and flourish.

Today I am giving you 5 Tips For Increasing Your Video Engagement. I’m comparing Youtube to Facebook videos. And the question we’re going to answer is “What is the Best Way to Create Videos on Facebook?”

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In a video I created before I mentioned the definition of insanity, doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result. The same goes with creating videos. You have to get educated or else you get stuck in an old way of doing things.

Youtube has always been king since they started. And Facebook knows that so they’re getting a piece of the pie. So features are always changing. You just have to keep up. All of that to mention that I’ve been paying a lot of attention to videos.

Before I mention these tips, I want to point out that I take all of my videos with my phone so I have the actual video file in my possession. That’s important. Own your stuff.

One really cool feature that will blow up your engagement is setting your videos to AUTOPLAY. That way, as people are scrolling, your video starts playing as it scrolls by. Very important!!!

For the rest of the tips, see me at DIY Marketing Guy. http://diymarketingguy.com/5-tips-for-sharing-videos-on-facebook/

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